Postpartum Doula


I work with new parents during the immediate postpartum period to guide them to find their new rhythm & routine with their newborn(s), while nurturing the new mother or father. I am especially excited to share with my clients about the french culture and food. Most of them have read “Bringing up bebe” and so did I ! I smiled a lot reading this book, and finally understood that my culture, as a French woman, is very different from the American culture. Not better or worst, just different, with its good and bad sides. I am very lucky I was raised in France but I am also very lucky that I now have a daughter who was born in America – it makes me have a broader view of “parenting techniques” and… I can choose the best in both culture!

I’ve been a postpartum doula for 6+ years in France before relocating in Los Angeles. In France, doulas aren’t well known but I had the chance to work as an intern in a french Maternity (postpartum recovery) in 2008. I was barely 17 years old when I learned about doulas, by “accident”. No-one knew about them, especially over there. I met a new mom who just had a c-section, she asked me if I could help her after I was done with my internship. Luckily, I was on my last days, and this is how postpartum work started, followed with trainings and lot of self learning. 

Parents hire me for either day and/or night shifts, some choose only few days or nights while others have a 6-12 weeks contract with me. 

During the day, I will help you with your newborn’s needs (breastfeeding or bottle, diapers, bath, nighttime routine, siblings adjustment etc), your self-care : those things you used to do without thinking much about it like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom or showering are often challenging for new parents. My role is to give you tips and show you how you can take care of yourself when you have a very needy yet tiny person to take care of. During our sessions, we can also talk about your birth experience, parenthood, challenges and beyond. In addition, I’ll cook for your family, run a load of laundry, straighten your house, reorganize/set up the nursery if needed and help you getting everything done from your “list” (everybody has a list, right?). 

During the night, my shift is pretty much the same as the day, except that you sleep, so there is obviously less talking involved 🙂 If baby is breastfed, I’ll either bring baby to you or finger feed him/her while you pump, this is your choice. If you’d like, I will show you how to breastfeed your baby while you’re sleeping or resting. I’ll share my secrets with you to make your nights as easy as possible!  My goal isn’t to make you dependent of me, but I’ll never force you to do something you don’t feel capable of. If you need more rest, you’ll get it, if you need more support, feel anxious or need to talk, I’ll be right there for you.  I will also do light chores & cooking during the evening if the house and time of the shift allow. Like most doulas, I do not provide awake care. This means that when everything is done, I’ll take naps when baby sleeps.

Ultimately, you will learn how it’s possible to cope with sleep deprivation. Those two words “sleep deprivation” seems terrifying to you ? It’s very normal and it’s also why everybody needs a postpartum doula! As humans, we all faces challenges throughout our lives. The fastest path to overcome those challenges is to have the support you need.  

I can be hired for few hours or full time, day or night, all depending on your needs.

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