“I was extremely anxious during pregnancy and had many fears about birth (…)  Mathilde was able to put my fears to rest.  She is an invaluable resource and knows just about everything in the realms of pregnancy and birth (…) Not only warm and caring, she is unbiased in her advice.  She is highly professional, thorough and organized.  There is no detail or concern that she did not address.  Her temperament and demeanor is exactly what’s required in the delivery room (…)  Mathilde will be your advocate and will tend to your needs, like a dear friend.  She will support you and do what it takes to make your delivery experience incredible, just as you and your partner envisioned. Mathilde is also a seriously good photographer and will take photos of your birth if you wish.  I am SO glad she captured those tender moments for us to cherish forever.  Icing on the cake!  She is the real deal and I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Mathilde!” B., Culver city.

“This is a review for Mathilde as a postpartum doula. She is amazing! My husband and I were completely overwhelmed the first week after we brought our baby home. We were not getting any sleep because we had to wake her every two to three hours to attempt to breastfeed, finger feed, and then pump. This all took so long that – by the time we were done – we had barely any time before we needed to start over again.  Mathilde helped us get our sanity back as a nighttime doula (…) In addition to all of this, Mathilde gave us valuable advice and a full report on how the night with the baby went. The first night we hired Mathilde, I told my husband how strange it felt to leave our baby in the hands of a stranger. But it was the best decision – and she is now a trusted go-to.” Emilie, Los Angeles

“How Can I start? The day I delivered my baby was the most beautiful day in my life and Mathilde played a big role in this. When my pregnancy started I knew I would not have an epidural during my delivery and I was starting to stress a little bit until someone recommended me Mathilde. I contacted her and she became the most important person during pregnancy, she was my main support and became a real close friend of mine. (…) During my labor she was here helping me to manage my contractions. She guided my husband too, it was our first kid and he did not know what to do exactly to help me, she helped him be active and gave me the best support I could have never imagined.(…) Everything went smoothly thanks to the work we had done before and during the day our baby arrived. I had no complications, the pain was not as hard as I imagined and I know if, I did not meet her this would be very different. When I came back home, she was here too… For a few days until my family arrived, she supported us, gave me a lot of tips and helped us for this new life. If you are looking for a Doula you just found her!! I have no word to describe how amazing she is, she is the best, friendly, understanding, she will always help you with the choices you made to make this day unforgettable and peaceful. I highly recommend her for every pregnant woman, she sill support you and help you before, during and after your pregnancy.” Julie, Hollywood