Birth doula


What is included in my packages ? 

The most chosen package includes :

• Two prenatal visits
• Phone and email support
• On-call from 37 weeks to 42 weeks
• Back up doula
• Birth support
• Professional birth photography
• One hour after birth to help with post partum comfort and help establish feeding
• A binder with information about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period
• Two postpartum home visit

And of course …

• I’ll be here to give you & your birth partner emotional and physical support.
• I’ll make every effort to give you evidence based informations for you to be empowered and make your own decisions, be your own advocate.
• I’ll be available for the questions you have regarding birth & postpartum.
• I’ll help you have an easier and more comfortable birth, making sure your birth plan go as close as the way you expected.
• I’ll be here for your birth partner as well, so he/she can rest, drink, eat and be reassured during the birth. Birth partner are often forgotten, yet they have a huge role on the d-day.

From $1000, depending on contract and options. Sliding scale available for low income families.

What is not included ? 

As all doulas, I must stay in my « scope of practice » which does not include :

• Making decisions for you. I will provide information that may be helpful for you and/or your partner to make informed choices.
• Perform clinical tasks  (blood pressure, cervix check, monitoring…)
• Provide medical advices
• Speak to your medical caregiver on your behalf.
• I’m not a mind reader and I (unfortunately) can’t tell you when you’ll give birth, how you will, and if your birth plan will be a reflect of your baby’s birth.

What is my role as a birth doula ? 

There is no « best », no exhaustive list on right things to do when it comes to pregnancy and newborn’s care, all the books in the world couldn’t describe how you feel and how you will feel or how your baby will be, because everyone is different, as every birth is. You might often hear me saying « it depends », not because I don’t know the answer to your question, but because there is actually no answer. I’ll formulate an answer as close as possible to the reality (other than « it depends » ;)) but only history will tell us the true answer of those questions (« How strong is a contraction? « I lost my mucus plug, does that mean I will give birth very soon? »).

I’m here to guide you during your journey to become parent(s), for the first time or for the fifth, give you the latest informations, the benefits and risks.  It doesn’t matter what your birth plan is, I’ll be here for you. Some parents choose to have their babies at home while others feel more comfortable in a hospital. Some parents might choose no meds while others will choose an epidural early on. That’s your decision to make. The best gift I receive from my clients is when they use their voice and they feel educated enough to say yes or no whenever they want. It’s your body. You have feelings, intuition. Listen to them as much as evidence based informations.

Your birth will never be about me. Yes I do have my own preferences for my own babies birth, but it’s about You, not Me. My goal is that you barely remember me during your baby’s birth. I want you to remember how awesome your birth partner was. I want him or her to get all the credits 😉

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