Post-partum doula


I work with new parents during the immediate postpartum period to guide them to find their new rhythm & routine with their newborn(s), while nurturing the new mother (“mothering the mother”). 

I’ve been a post-partum doula for 6+ years in France before relocating in Los Angeles. Parents hire me for either day or night shifts, some choose only few nights or days while others have a 6-12 weeks contract with me.

During the day, I will be with you for helping with your newborn’s needs (breastfeeding or bottle, diapers, bath, nighttime routine, sleep training later on, siblings etc), your self-care : meaning that I’ll show you that you can shower, nap, cook, shop or do anything you like with your new baby but also nurture you, talk about your birth experience, motherhood  joy & challenge and beyond. In addition, I’ll cook for your family, do few loads of laundry, straighten the house, reorganize/set up the nursery if needed and help you getting everything done from your “list” (everybody has a list, right?). 

During the night, my shift is pretty much the same as the day, except that you sleep. If baby is breastfed, I’ll either bring baby to you or finger feed him/her while you pump, this is your choice. If you’d like, I will show you how to breastfeed your baby while you’re sleeping or resting, or prepare a bottle being still in bed. My goal isn’t to make you dependent of me, but I’ll never force you to do something you don’t feel capable of. If you need more rest, you’ll get it, if you need more support, feel anxious or need to talk, I’ll be right there for you. I’ll also do light chores & cooking during the night if it’s not too noisy.

Ultimately, you will learn how it’s possible to cope with sleep deprivation, how to soothe your middle-of-the-night fussy baby, how to make a bottle when it’s 3AM and your eyes aren’t even opening, or how to sleep while your baby is nursing, all while getting all the help & support you need to be mentally and physically healthy. I’ll be there for your partner, to show how he/she can help a LOT even if mom is breastfeeding. How to create a successful bedtime routine early on to have later the easiest baby when it comes to bedtime and more.

I can be hired for few hours or full time, day or night, all depending on your needs, from $30/h.

Contact me by filling out this form or by phone 424 – 362 – 4387 – The first consultation is FREE !