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My name is Mathilde, I created My french doula a year after my daughter Charlotte was born in 2017. I arrived in Los Angeles in 2013, you can read the full story if you’d like

I am a birth doula, postpartum doula and a photographer,. I like to work with my hands, my husband is the science guy working as a software engineer, we are very complementary to each other.

Beside bellies, babies & photos, I love cooking & eating (it shows!), interior modern decoration, designers (Charles & Ray Eames is my favorite couple after yours!), I love animals especially cats & dogs. I have a 8 years old black miniature poodle that is the sweetest and jumpiest dog ever.

I love to travel and I am very lucky to go to France every Christmas Holidays.

I am a very calm and happy person, my stress level is often close to zero since I moved in California. I’m very grateful for the life I have the chance to live here, under the sun and with my two favorite persons with me every day while working for something meaningful to me.

You can view my Birth doula services and Postpartum doula services on my website.

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