birth doula orange county

What’s a birth doula ?

The short answer : A birth doula is supporting parents emotionally and physically during the prenatal and birth journey. I’ll educate you about pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption & birth, newborn and will answer your questions related to those topics. 

The long answer : As your birth doula, I will guide you during your journey to become parents, for the first time, or for the fifth. I’ll give you the latest information on what we know about pregnancy and birth wellness in Orange County, CA. We will build a birth plan together, whether your dream birth is to be in a hospital, have a homebirth, an epidural, or welcome your baby in a birth center.  I have no preferences regarding your choices, your journey is about you, not me. My expertise includes all kinds of births, from premature to “overdue”, hospital to home birth, and unmedicated to c-section. I consider myself to be pro-choice and will support you no matter what. 

There is no exhaustive list of the right/wrong things to do when it comes to pregnancy and newborn’s care;  all the books and videos cannot predict how you will feel or your newborn personality and challenges. Everyone is different, as is every birth.  How people made you feel when you were in labor? when you became new parents? How supported did you feel at those moments? This is what you’ll remember all your life, and this is my role. I will support you and make your experience a positive memory, with kindness and a lot of hand-holding… I currently only take 2 clients a month for personalized and individual care. 

I’ll give you the best-kept secrets for a smooth labor experience, give you keys to understand your body and how it’s working with you, and tips on how to prepare prenatally for an easier birth. 

Your baby’s birth will never be about me. My goal is for you to remember how involved your birth partner was, not me. Giving birth is an experience that often strengthens a couple, when they are given the support they need.

I will always…

  • Be available for the questions you have regarding birth & postpartum.
  • Give you information for you to make a decision and be your own advocate.
  • Be your advocate. I am not scared to talk out loud.
  • Give you and your birth partner emotional and physical support.
  • Help you have an easier and more comfortable birth, making sure your birth plan goes as close to the way you expected as possible.
  • Be present for your birth partner, because they also need to rest, drink, eat, and be reassured during your labor, as they have such a huge role on the birth-day!

What is not included? 

  • Perform clinical tasks  (blood pressure, cervix check, monitoring…) or catch your baby. I am not a medical provider.
  • Provide medical advice.
  • Predict when you’ll give birth, what your birth outcome will be, or make guarantees about how your labor unfold.

Investment $2700 and up

 My services are accessible to any birthing people regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity,  age, health or other status. Please contact me at / 424-362-4387 or by filling the form below, thank you.

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