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Eyes open hypnosis for Childbirth

I came across Hypnobabies when I was pregnant. I was looking for the best childbirth preparation and I learned about hypnosis. Hypnobabies is a FULL childbirth preparation, it combines hypnosis and “regular” knowledge about pregnancy, baby positioning, nutrition, exercise, benefits/risks/alternatives of common obstetrical interventions, stage of birth, newborn care…

We chose to have the Hypnobabies series childbirth preparation, which was 3 hours a week for 6 weeks. It’s a commitment. It was so empowering to learn so much about pregnancy and childbirth, as well as hypnosis. Hypnobabies also have an online course study option for busier parents.

After my “formal” doula training, I became certified as Hypnobabies hypno-doula.  Hypnobabies doulas are completely familiar with the philosophy, techniques, cue words and other materials that Hypnobabies program is teaching. They also know, as other non-hypnobabies doulas, how to talk with the hospital caregivers (if hospital birth) and support your choices during your baby’s birth.

Hypno-doulas can’t replace the hypnobabies training. The birthing person must follow the Hypnobabies course and practice the hypno-tools everyday to have a hypnobabies birth!

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