Guess Date

Written on June 10, 2009 by enjoybirth

“In Hypnobabies we refer to EDD (Estimated Due Dates) as Guess Dates.  There is really a 5 week window in which a baby can come and be considered full term.  From 37-42 weeks is normal.  So I actually like to say a Guess MONTH!My first baby was a preemie, born at 34 weeks.  So when I was pregnant with Carson, I really wanted to go full term, but I never imagined I would have him at 42 weeks.  His “due date” was August 18th.  I always said, “He will be born sometime in August.”  He was, he squeaked in on August 31st.When I was pregnant with Bryson I figured I would probably go to 42 weeks again.  He was due the beginning of October.  I had 2 friends who were “due” the same time I was.  They both had their babies the beginning of October.  I remember vividly being at a soccer game, seeing my friend with her 2 week old baby and me still being HUGELY pregnant.  I was OK with it, because mentally I told myself, he will be here by Halloween.  It seemed like all my friends were freaking out that I was still pregnant, but because of my mind-shift of a “guess month” I was pretty zen about it.
I really recommend that moms be vague about their “due date” or if pressed add 2 weeks to it.  I would try to tell people I am due in October and they would say, “But WHEN?”  So I would say, “He will be here by Halloween.”Remember it isn’t an Expiration Date, it is a Guess Date!”

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