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Gentle Sleep Coaching 

Are you waking up 1-5 times or more each nights to feed your baby, rock them back to sleep, pat their back until they fall asleep, and, finally, put them back to bed like a ticking bomb, crossing your fingers and holding your breath they won’t wake up ?

Did you ever leave your baby’s bedroom tiptoeing or army-crawling or thought about noise reduction methods (rugs, carpet, anything to make less noises with the door…?)

Do you have a feeling of anger when they skip a nap ? Do you have a hard time to focus at work, find joy caring for your baby, or just believe you are “lazy” because you have no desire to do anything “extra” during the day ?

Those are sleep deprivation warnings – you need help. Your baby can sleep, unless they have a medical condition.

I’ll work with you on a customized and personalized sleep plan with sleep training and sleep coaching techniques that have helped many families. You do not need to change the way you’re feeding your baby (nursing or bottle feeding), or change the place they sleep. You do not need to purchase expensive blackout curtains for the nursery or non-sense you can read here and there on “famous” expensive and one-fits-all sleep plans.

Your baby is an individual, and you have your own needs as parents. The best sleep book or a pre-made sleep plan can’t resolve it all.

You do not have to use the cry it out method if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. 

Book an interview with me to understand my sleep training method. I work virtually and also do overnight in-person sleep coaching in the Orange county area.