4th Trimester

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What is a postpartum doula?

Are you pregnant or have a baby and asking yourself those questions?

  • How will I cope with sleep deprivation after my baby is born? How can I set healthy night habits so my baby sleep through the night with little or no sleep training? What is a normal sleep pattern for a newborn?
  • There is so much info and books about breastfeeding… Is it difficult? What can I realistically expect?  What should I do to prepare myself and my partner? Do I really want to breastfeed? What are the keys to have a successful journey? How do I know if I’m making enough milk for my baby? What causes low milk supply? How to boost my milk supply? What is the best formula? What’s the best bottle for a newborn?
  • What are the essentials for a baby? What to put on my baby registry? Do I need a crib for my newborn? What’s the best stroller?
  • How to prepare my partner for the baby’s arrival? How to prepare my couple/my marriage?

….Or more “simply” ….. you need HELP ! Real help. You might seek professional extra help who knows exactly what to do. You might need someone to mother you so you can mother your baby. As a postpartum doula, I can also cook healthy delicious postpartum meals  (maybe you’ve been on doordash & Uber eats for too long?).  Is your laundry basket seems always full and the laundry is never put away? I am here to help.

A doula is a professional specializing in all those questions and tasks. I have years of experience regarding newborns and new families and I’m excellent at helping families. As a mom of two children (2017 & 2020) I perfectly understand your concerns & can also relate… I am very good at taking initiatives and identify my client’s needs. When there is no answer, no solution, I have a load of empathy ready for you.

I work with families during the first 12 weeks postpartum to guide them in finding their new rhythm & routine with their newborn(s) while nurturing the new parent(s). I am especially excited to share with my clients about the french parenting culture, food and french education (not too far from the book “Bringing up bébé” !)

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How did you become a postpartum doula?

I’ve been a postpartum doula for 10+ years, firstly in Paris, then in Los Angeles, and now in Orange County (Lake Forest). In France, doulas aren’t well known but I had the chance to work as an intern in a french Maternity hospital (labor & delivery and postpartum recovery) in 2008. I was barely 17 years old when I learned about doulas, by “accident”. No-one knew about them back then, in France. At that time, I met with a new mom who just had an emergency c-section. She was overwhelmed and needed help (we all do). She asked me if I could help her after I was done with my internship. Luckily, I was on my last days, and this is how postpartum work started, followed by trainings and a lot of self-learning and reading. 

What can you do during a 3-4hrs day shift? 

I will help you with your self-care: those things you used to do without thinking much about it like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom or showering are often challenging for new parents, this is my priority as your postpartum doula. I focus on your well being so you can attend to your newborn’s needs. In addition, I’ll cook for your family (following your preferences), run a load of laundry, straighten your house, reorganize/set up the nursery if needed and help you getting everything done from your “list” (everybody has a list, right?).  A lot of talking is also involved during our shift, from your birth experience to parenthood, challenges and beyond… 

And overnight?

If your baby is breastfed, I’ll either bring them to you or feed them while you pump. I can show the nursing person how to breastfeed their baby on their side to allow as much rest as possible. I’ll share my sleep consultant secrets with you to make your nights as easy as possible!  I also do light chores & cooking during the evening if possible. Like most doulas, I do not provide awake care. This means that when everything is done, I’ll take a nap when your baby sleeps. 

As humans, we all face challenges throughout our lives. The fastest path to overcome those challenges is to have the support you need.  

New parents hire me for either day and/or night shifts, some choose only a few days or nights while others have a 6-12 weeks contract with me. I’ve had experience with surrogacy, adoption, c-section, and from hospital to homebirth recovery.

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