Before becoming a doula, I graduated from a Parisian Photography school (EFET) back in 2009 and then quickly graduated from a 2 years degree program in Child development before working as a postpartum doula. My two companies have always been complementary to each other and I am happy to follow both of my passion. I remember a conversation I had with my father when I was probably 10. We were on a golf course and he was teaching me a golf lesson. I told him I’d have two jobs later : “Child nurse” (it’s difficult to translate it from french, it’s a job that I believe do not exist here, a nurse with a special training in newborn and child development working in hospital or childcare facilities) on the morning and golf player on the afternoon. He kindly smiled and I understood why later – It’s hard to have two jobs ! But here I am, working with parents and newborns all year round and doing photography the rest of the time. 

I include birth photography in all of my birth doula packages and I do not add a fee for it.  The main reason is that I believe if you hired me to be your birth doula, I want to be physically and emotionally present to support you. I’m behind my camera only when the time allows, meaning when your partner is giving you all the support you need. I’ll also take a few shots after baby is born. Birth is so unpredictable, I can’t be sure I’ll be able to do a full birth photography reportage if I’m your main doula. Of course, photography is a topic we discuss during our prenatal sessions and refusing this service is fine !

You can also hire me only as your birth photographer, in this case, my main focus will be my camera but I will be here to give you tips on comfort measures during your labor if time allows.

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